Big Hero 6 (2014)

My Ratings: 3.5/5.

Get ready to welcome a whole new bunch of Superheroes – the Big Hero 6 team, straight from the pages of another Marvel Comic Book series.

Big Hero 6 is the latest Disney feature, surprisingly refreshing with no songs and magical creatures; instead you got Baymax – a blown up over-sized robot who walks funny and talks healthy!

big-hero-6-poster12Hiro Hamada, the young science genius is leading the team, then we have Baymax and the company of four nerdy friends, each one with their own unique super talents (but remember their super-talents are not magical but all based on science).

As we all know, a Hero’s journey is never an easy one.

In this film Hiro Hamada, our hero, so young and talented goes through a severe crisis in his life when he looses his loving elder brother Tadashi.

But then with the help of Baymax (his brother’s invention), and his cool friends he sets out in a dangerous mission to unravel the mysterious masked man who seems to be responsible for his brother’s death.

From the kids point of view the basic story plot is simple enough – there is a bad guy who seems to be doing some bad things and the 6 Big Heroes are going to literally unmask him by the end of the film.

And the kids simply love it.

Unlike other animated films Big Hero 6 doesn’t try too hard to please the over-aged kids (adults) in the theatre (though they seem to enjoy as well). The film’s target audience is specifically the kids and it totally focuses on them.

big-hero-6-posterDirected by Don Hall and Chris Williams Big Hero 6 is undoubtedly the best kid-film of this season. Awesome level of animation and extremely detailed CG work.

I bet by the end of the film Baymax, the super adorable, funny, cute and fluffy robot will surely win your heart.

Big Hero 6, a film that is so different from the general trend of Disney Animated films – the likes of Frozen and Tangled. But as long as the kids enjoy and kick their front seats in excitement, who are we to complain.

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