Babar Naam Gandhiji (2015)

Babar Naam Gandhiji review.

written by Souranath Banerjee

My Ratings: 4.2/5

The priority in cinema has always been given to fresh and innovative scripts; stories that have the rare capability of alienating us from the harsh world around and make us connect to our long-buried innocence, to humanity.

Babar-Naam-Gandhiji-poster3And the recently released Bengali film Babar Naam Gandhiji does exactly that and much more.

The film takes the social issue of ‘children’s right to education’ head-on and moulds it into a very entertaining film.

The basic story revolves around a group of orphan kids who beg, borrow and bargain in the streets of Kolkata, apparently no different from any other cities in India.

But then there IS a difference.

The leader of these orphan street kids, Kecho (Surajit Mukherjee) have taken the art of street begging to a different level altogether. He doesn’t beg but demand money and is smart enough to live life in his own happy-go-lucky style!

Babar-Naam-Gandhiji-posterBut then one day, Kencho stumbles onto this information that Gandhi Ji (Mahatma Gandhi, the bapu of our nation) is actually his own bapu (father)!

A fictitious tale of course, told with the intention to encourage the young kid to be more socially responsible. And it works well, since with the help of his beloved NGO da/Pavel (Parambrata Chatterjee), Kecho decides to enroll into a reputed school.

Babar-Naam-Gandhiji-poster5But then, the problem arises when a strict teacher from that same school Bidyadhar Swami (Koushik Sen) makes his life’s mission to stop Kencho, a street kid from entering their so-called prestigious institution.

Wonderful performances by everyone but the young actor Surajit Mukherjee needs a special mention. His confident dialogue deliveries, his body language and his innocent smile attracts the spotlight.

The real beauty of the film Babar Naam Gandhiji lies in it’s unique script. Babar-Naam-Gandhiji-poster6Written and directed by young debutant director Pavel who has the maturity and the ability to compete with any established directors working today in the industry. 

Decent camera work by Supriyo Dutta and crisp editing by Sanglap Bhowmik, also perfectly complemented by Raja Narayan Deb‘s music.

Overall Babar Naam Gandhiji is a story that is very much needed to be told in our current society, and it is told in great style.

Don’t you miss this one.

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