Best Animated films not for kids (10+1list)

Best Animated films not for kids.

written by Souranath Banerjee

Animation has always been directly associated with the children, the perfect target audience, enjoying the impossibilities of their fantasy world!

But there are a few movies that use the medium of animation with great expertise, but then again, they are not at all made with the mind set to entertain the juniors. These animated films are in fact aimed only for the matured audience, the adults!

Don’t get too excited because I am not talking about hentai or any other form of animated porn at the moment.

Some of these cinemas are pretty realistic in approach, often issue-based (specially wars), others are allegorical or satirical, and a few even contains decent dozes of violence and sex!

So, here is the list of some of the Best Animation films not for kids. Enjoy!

10. Watership Down (1978)

Film trailer:

watership-down-posterA survival story of a group of rabbits who are always in danger of predators ready to catch them, kill them, eat them – not very different from our own human world isn’t it?

Directed by Martin Rosen the film is adopted from the famous novel by Richard Adams by the same name.

And not exactly for the kids, since it is probably one of the most violent animated film ever made!

9. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)

Film trailer:

south-park-posterFour boys, an R-rated movie and of course the war against Canada!

Directed by Trey Parker and writer Matt Stone (who also wrote the original South Park television series), one of the most hilarious comedy but not exactly for kids though.

The highest grossing animated film with an R rating till date and also most profanity used in any animated film ever! 

8. Waltz with Bashir (2008)

Vals Im Bashir (original title)

Film trailer:

waltz-with-bashir-posterDirected by Ari Folman, a superb animated take on the first Lebanon war of 1982.

Through many meetings and interviews, an Israeli film director tries to recollect his memories of the war, the time when he was in the Israeli army.

Took four years to finish, this was the first ever animated film to be nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar!

7. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Hotaru no haka (original title)

Film trailer:

grave-of-the-fireflies-posterA story told with such power and innocence that it is undoubtedly the most emotionally tragic yet beautiful animated drama i have ever seen.

Directed by Isao Takahata, this is the story of a young boy and his little sister who tries their best to struggle and survive the war.

Visually brilliant, one of my personal favorite of all times.

6. Persepolis (2007) 

Film trailer:

persepolis-posterDirected by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi, this is a powerful film that tells the story of an Iranian girl, growing up during the times of Islamic Revolution!

An animated satire, originally based on a comic-book; though it has a comic touch but again, definitely not aimed for kids in particular.

A bold biographical journey of co-director Marjane Satrapi.

5Waking Life (2001)

Film trailer:

waking-life-posterDiscussions regarding the purpose of the existence and the meaning of life can be pretty heavy stuff but this film manages to maintain an overall dreamy psychedelic mood that creates an unique experience for the viewers!

Directed by Richard Linklater, my favorite director does it again; a superb story told in slow, stylish manner. Also check out A Scanner Darkly (2006) by the same director.

4. Barefoot Gen (1983) 

Hadashi no Gen (original title)

Film trailer:

barefoot-gen-posterDirected by Mori Masaki, this is a a disturbing tale of a boy from Hiroshima, and how his life changes during the WW2.

The film brilliantly portrays the disastrous aftermath of the atomic bomb, and also the overall effect it had on Japan.

A hard hitting, deeply emotional story told from a little boy’s perspective.

3. Akira (1988)

Film trailer:

akira-poster1Anime became a global phenomenon with the release of this film and it is undoubtedly the most popular and expensive anime of the time (production cost 10 million!).

Directed by Katsuhiro Ôtomo, one of the most visually challenging drama pact with some awesome soundtracks.

Violent, edgy, gritty and dark, a film that remains with you for a lifetime.

2. Anomalisa (2015)

Film trailer:

anomalisa-posterDirected by Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman, this film is a rare gem that needs to be cherished and relished forever.

(Click for the review)

A man bored with his life is desperately seeking for some excitement, some incentive to go on. And finally he meets a girl who seems to be the perfect solution but then ….

A highly sensitive yet melancholic film with the best stop motion animation till date!

  1. Perfect Blue (1997)

Pafekuto buru (original title)

Film trailer:

perfect-blue-posterDirected by Satoshi Kon, this is one haunting thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

A retired pop-star who is set to become an actress is stalked by an obsessed fan, but soon things becomes too dangerous to handle.

Paranoia, violence, sex and above all a creepy feel that makes the film both disturbing and exciting at the same time.

and (The ‘+1 film is not necessarily the best but certainly the most CRAZY one. A must watch)

+1. Fritz the Cat (1972)

Film trailer:

fritz-the-cat-posterThe first animated film to receive an ‘X’ rating and it opened the gates of the future nuisance that followed!  

Directed by renowned Ralph Bakshi, this one is one hell of a comic satire on the 60s NewYork scenario, with a cat being the main character.

Funny, comic and full of adult jokes, this is indeed an interesting animated film that is easygoing and entertaining as well.

A few other animated ones not for the kids that needs to be mentioned here: The Triplets of Belleville (2003), Yellow Submarine (1968), Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001)The Illusionist (2010), Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), Paprika (2006), Chico & Rita (2010), Coraline (2009), Animal Farm (1954), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), Ghost in the Shell (1995), Beowulf (2007), Heavy Metal (1981), The Plague Dogs (1982), When the Wind Blows (1986), Sita Sings the Blues (2008) and almost all Miyazaki films.

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