Hackers and Hollywood and The Interview

Hackers and Hollywood and The Interview.

Written by Saikat Bhattacharya.

Hackers and Hollywood and The Interview – a topic that combines both the film industry and terrorism; the Global security and our creative freedom.

It’s heartbreaking to see how a creation of someone is getting demolished by terrorists masked as hackers. A multinational company like Sony surrenders to terrorism when it decides against the release of their film The Interview last week.

Starring James Franco and Seth Rogen the film The Interview is a satirical comedy where two American reporters apparently plans to assassinate the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. 

The film was due to be released on 25th December 2014 in the US theaters but due to terrorist threats the cinema halls didn’t risk screening it and finally Sony Pictures had to cancel it’s release.

It’s not a defeat of a single film or a company against cyber terrorism, but if one could see the larger picture here then it’s a defeat of the whole system of a county or even the world.

If a group can hack a company like Sony in and out then they can do the same with Government files and security articles from any country without any trouble. So what’s next?

This incident may not be the dramatic destruction of a building falling down or multiple loss of human lives but it’s certainly has all the signs of a bigger threat unfolding in the future.

So keeping all the personal agendas aside, the US Government and Hollywood should join hands and take this matter the upmost priority. There is much more  at stake than a few leaked embarrassing emails and awkward personal remarks.

They should make sure the movie gets released very soon so that terrorists who are behind this incident doesn’t get encouraged and plan for a bigger massacre in the future.

Media also has to play a key role and be decisive before broadcasting any news to the public which might create internal chaos and wrong impression in the our minds. Unity to deal with this kind of issues is very important – the US government, US media and US citizens should help out Sony to get out of this mess.

I myself being an artist, a film lover and a citizen of India feel threatened by this incident. I fear that one day my office or my bank account or my country’s secrets will get hacked in a similar way and the government will be as helpless as the US government is now as the current situation.

I hope US, being claimed as the super power should investigate and eradicate the source of this hacking and closedown such illegal activities as soon as possible.

All the other countries should also participate in this war against cyber terrorism, help out and take precautions. Make this world as safer place and restore creative freedom.

Article by George Clooney on Hollywood Cowardice:

Article containing the statement from Sony Pictures:

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