Mumbai Comic Con Cosplay

Mumbai Comic Con Cosplay.

written by Souranath Banerjee


The most fun weekend of this season. A never ending fancy-dress party, full of energy and enthusiasm – Mumbai Comic Con is here!


The term ‘Con‘ comes from the word ‘fan convention‘ which relates Batman-Joker-In-Loveto any event in which fans of a particular film, television series, comic book, actor, or an entire genre of entertainment gather together and actively participate in it.


So ‘Comic Con‘ essentially means a fan convention of anything and everything related to comics!

Being a popular world event since the 1970s (originated in San Diego), in 2009 Comic Con Express (the first of its kind in India) was held in Mumbai, the traveling version of the Annual Indian
Comics Convention.Little-HulkLittle-Ironman

Then, in 2011 Twenty Onwards Media organized Comic Con in New Delhi, and since then, every year the popularity of this event is growing fast.


Now Comic Con India is held in all over India – in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.


And 19th and 20th Dec 2015 was the time for the Mumbai Film and Comic Con and there was a special (costume playcosplay competition organized by the ReedPop Mumbai’s Biggest Cosplay Competition.

And this year’s participants have gone out of their way to be brilliantly creative and innovative with their costumes.

Pikachu  On-phone

From Hulk to Ironman, Poison Ivy to Pikachu, Suicide Squad to Transformers, Batman, Robin, Joker, Wonder woman to V for Evil-face-painted-womanPoisonIvy-PirateVendetta, Maleficent, Star Wars characters – not a single comic star is being missed out!

Interestingly most of these costumes are hand made, and almost all the face/body paints are experiments done by non professionals.


This year’s Mumbai Comic Con was undoubtedly a success and a brilliant arena to display your cosplay talents.


Hope to see you all next year with the same level of passion and exuberance. Till then keep your costumes ready!

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