Hello everyone. I am Souranath Banerjee (Sunny).

Being someone who is in love with Cinema, I passionately watch films, discuss them and try to learn from them. I believe each and every frame has something to teach us, some hidden message only to be decoded by those who intend to look for it.

My hometown being Kolkata; i started my career in Mumbai as a Computer Graphics artist. Worked in Prana Studios for almost 4 years.

Then bitten by the movie-bug i joined the Film Direction course in Whistling Woods International.

Directed two short films in Bengali (my regional language) which were selected and screened in the Kolkata International Film Festivals in two consecutive years.

Currently working as a script writer and freelance director, and obviously writing my heart out in Cinema Forensic in my free time.

With the help of my friends and the blessings of my family my passion and profession are the same. And I am happy in my life – believe me very few people can say that with conviction.

That’s all folks. Stay connected and i am sure we will have a gala time exploring our obsession. Cinema of course.