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Big Eyes (2014)

My Ratings: 3.2/5.

Finally Tim Burton is back with his latest film Big Eyes based on the dramatic ‘true’ events from the lives of the famous artists Mr. and Mrs. Keane.

Set in the 1950’s California the film revolves around a married couple – Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), an artist who specializes in drawing children with big, sad eyes; and her husband Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz), the perfect smooth-talking salesman (although he claims to be an artist too).

Seems to be a perfect marriage until Margaret’s big-eyed children-paintings suddenly become a hit and Walter starts taking credit for Margaret’s work!

A somewhat unevenly entertaining comedy that gives you the satisfaction of enjoying a good film while at the same time making you think – it could have been much better.

No complains with the performances of Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. Both did a fabulous job and stayed true to their character’s ambiguities. 

Actually the first half of Big Eyes is pretty flawless; the story races with speed and ambition, the characters real and emotions high. But after the second half the treatment is often too melodramatic and the characters (especially Walter in the courtroom scene) seems too caricatural.

Tim Burton’s eccentric, comic touch is always a treat for his fans though this time it seemed abrupt and inconsistent.

Superb production design by Rick Heinrichs, art direction by Chris August and awesome work by costume designer Colleen Atwood, the film really makes us time travel into the 50s era.  

Overall Big Eyes is a fine portrayal of Margaret Keane’s life, how she becomes a victim of artistic plagiarism and finally how she musters enough courage to find her long lost dignity, fame and artistic freedom.

If you are a fan of Amy Adams go for it, she is absolutely brilliant.