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Ida (2014)

Ida film review.

My Ratings: 4.3/5.

Only a few very rare films have images so powerful that they tend to overshadow everything else, even the narrative and the storyline seems to dissolve in the pure beauty of each and every frame.

Ida is such a rare gem.

ida-poster3It is a simple story of an orphan young nun named Anna (real name Ida) who before taking her final vows to God takes a trip along with her aunt (her only relation) to know about her parents.

1960’s Poland being the backdrop Anna’s parent’s identities are linked with secrets that brings back past uncomfortable memories from the days of the Nazi invasion of Poland.

But still Anna is determined to know the truth.

Shouldered by the two main characters Anna (introducing Agata Trzebuchowska) and her aunt Wanda (Agata Kulesza), just about 80 mins long, this Polish film takes us into one of the best road trips ever – a compact script and very natural performances.

ida-poster1Both Ryszard Lenczewski and Lukasz Zal are credited for the rich black and white artistic imagery. Cinematography at it’s best.

The film is uniquely in square format (aspect ratio 1.33 : 1) and interestingly most of the frames have huge amount of negative space on the top. I think it some how signifies the presence of God which relates to the inner religious struggle of Anna throughout the film.

Director Pawel Pawlikowski makes sure that his film Ida has a profound impact on the audience, his visual style of storytelling and his creative sense is surely admirable.

Official submission of Poland to the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 87th Academy Awards, Ida wins the Oscar!

Definitely the most visually pleasing film of the recent times and missing this film may even be considered as a sin!