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Spy (2015)

Spy review.

My ratings: 3.4/5.

Comic spy movies tend to guarantee a few dedicated laughs since the audience unknowingly compares them with the James Bond films and enjoy the satire.

Be it the clumsy Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English or the overconfident Mike Myers in the Austin Powers series or the pseudo-intellectual Steve Carell in Get Smart – their ignorance of espionage has always been a bliss for the audience.

spy-posterBut this week’s release Spy is different from all the other spy-spoofs since Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy who is THE spy in the film) does her job really well! 

She proves herself to be the most competent spy; witty, good in hand-to-hand action, aims perfectly while shooting and knows how to mingle in the crowd (undercover as they say).

Despite of not having any fancy spy gadgets or super-cars this CIA analyst is ready to take on some of the deadliest arm dealers and finally save the world.

So where is the comedy in this?

Well, the laughs in the film are mostly related to the unapologetic dialogues (or should i say very innovative profanities) and also the sheer fact that Melissa McCarthy is the most overweight spy ever!

spy-SPY_VerA_PosterR2_sRGB_rgb-691x1024Now a super-curvy lady-spy trotting around places following potential assassins in stupid disguises and hurling curse words at everybody around may not have pulled the film through but then Jude Law and Jason Statham comes to the rescue.

And then again they have a buffer comic line up as Rose ByrneMiranda Hart and Peter Serafinowicz (he really knows how to give a compliment to a lady!).

On the whole Paul Feig, the director of previous comedies like The Heat (2013) and Bridesmaids (2011) have fairly managed to entertain the audience for most of the 120 mins.

Very slapstick, insanely gross dialogues and one sexy Nargis Fakhri

Are you interested?

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Furious 7 (2015)

My Ratings: 4/5.

‘This time it ain’t just about being fast’

The film Fast & Furious 7 (according to director James Wan it’s titled Furious 7 referencing the Seven Samurai) is exactly what it promises to be – sexy cars, hot girls, wacky action and also a perfect emotional tale of love and friendship.

Fast-and-Furious-7-Poster3Made as a sequel to the last installment (Fast & Furious 6), this time Jason Statham joins the party as the badass big-brother of Luke Evans‘s character and he is all set to take care of his brother’s unfinished business.

Jason Statham later teamed up with Djimon Hounsou are probably the deadliest opponents ever who had a face-off with our usual Fast & Furious gang Vin DieselPaul WalkerDwayne JohnsonMichelle RodriguezLudacrisTyrese Gibson (though Sung Kang didn’t have much scope for action this time).

Nathalie Emmanuel as the sexy hacker, Kurt Russell as the mysterious Mr.Nobody and Iggy Azalea in a cameo – all did hit the right notes. 

Fast-and-Furious-7-Poster1And thus in this twisted, adrenalin pumping ride for revenge we experience some of the best action sequences and i am sure by the end of the film you will be convinced that ‘cars do fly’.

Director James Wan who took a break from the horror genre ( his earlier films being Dead Silence (2007)The Conjuring (2013) and the Insidious series) did an awesome job with this brilliant action pact drama.

Credit goes to the cinematographers Marc Spicer and Stephen F. Windon for the dynamic action shots taken (especially in those hand-to-hand combat sequences) where the camera moves in perfect sync with the actors and enhances the impact of their actions.

Fast-and-Furious-7-Poster2Cool editing and exotic soundtracks to match the pace of the film, Furious 7 is a high-voltage power house of entertainment that keeps you to the very edge of your seat.

A respectful dedication to the beloved actor Paul Walker (who was killed in a car crash on November 30, 2013) while the film was half way in the making.

A must for the F&F fanclub but for those who are not a die-hard fan of the Fast & Furious franchise (like me), even they can enjoy this one as simply a cool action flick.

Fast & Furious 7 – a ride worth taking.

Note: Body doubles, stunt doubles, and CGI were used to complete the film following Paul Walker‘s death.

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