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Hawaa Hawaai (2014)

My ratings: 4/5

Cinema can be categorized in many genres and then listed, rated, criticized and even appreciated. Personally I relish to do all the above whenever I get the time and opportunity. But sometimes after watching films like Hawaa Hawaai I feel films shouldn’t be discussed at all; they should only be experienced.

Well, on second thought I WILL discuss Hawaa Hawaai with you all … of course I will.

Amole Gupte (the director) and Partho Gupte (the child actor), the father-son duo who made news with their earlier film Stanley ka Dabba have done it once again.

Their latest release Hawa Hawai is soulful, sincere yet a simplistic film that successfully captures innocence (believe me it’s the toughest thing to capture in cinema).

Roller skating is the new sport in town and Arjun (Partho Gupte) the young assistant-chaiwala dreams to be a champion skater.

And why not – after all Arjun is lucky enough to be coached by Lucky Sir, the most passionate skating teacher in the block (played superbly by Saqib Saleem). This teacher-student relation (Eklavya-Dronacharya combo) is very well portrayed throughout the film.

Probably the most important element that connects the audience with the film is the purity in young Partho’s smile. The kid gives us one of the most matured child-artist performances ever in the history of Bollywood– never going over the top, always the right balance of emotions.

Undoubtedly the credit goes to the director Amole Gupte who have not only made his son act so well but also managed to get wonderful performances out of the four kids who are the best buddies of Arjun in the film. These talented group of kids pump life into the film.

Hawaa Hawaai often tries to make certain statements regarding several issues of our society which we are habituated to overlook on a daily basis.

The director intentionally shows us parallel shots of kids from higher sections of the society going to school where as other children who cannot afford the price of education are utilized as child labors in different sectors of our society. The comparison is subtle and effective.

A few other concerns like ‘drink and drive’, problems of getting admitted in the hospital for the poor, farmer suicides are also addressed in the film but fortunately not in a preachy way.

The last bit of the film though highly predictable (especially the skating competition part) is unnecessarily dramatized  but other than that a superb film.

Meaningful music by Hitesh Sonic, great casting by Jitendra Rai and once again brilliant performances by every single person in the film.

Hawaa Hawaai is a film that will inspire you and lead you closer to your passion.

Watch watch watch.

Trailer link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8WEqUvoJw4

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