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Inside Out (2015)

Inside out review.

My Ratings: 4.5/5.

Animated films have long lost their element of surprise since nowadays people, especially the kids are accustomed to watching cartoons and animated series in the TV or internet in the comfort of their cozy homes.

Inside-Out-Poster2In the recent years, it has become a task even for big-shot Animation companies like Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky and Dreamworks to lure their audience out to the cinema halls with the promise of some unique, out-of-the-world experience.

And that is exactly what the film Inside Out delivers and that too with immense success.

Pixar’s second largest opening weekend ever (Toy Story 3 still holds the number one spot), Inside Out proves itself as not only one of the most commercially successful animated film but also, according to the critics this one is a stroke of genius!

Inside Out character postersFifteenth feature film of Pixar Animation Studio – Inside Out is a take on growing up, more precisely the emotional difficulties one faces while growing up.

It’s about an eleven year old girl Riley and her actions and reactions driven by her emotions at various levels of her conscious and subconscious mind; even her memories (both long term and short term), her dreams and also her imaginations!

Inside Out is a film that dares to play with emotions at a micro level, where each emotion is portrayed as an individual character. One particular emotion ‘Joy’ is actually the protagonist of the film!

Inside-Out-Poster4Pete Docter (also the director of two earlier Pixar films Monsters, Inc. and Up) teamed up with Ronaldo Del Carmen did an excellent job with Inside Out.

The subtle emotional shifts, the hilarious moments and the precise characterizations of the various emotions – simply couldn’t have been better.

Superb voice overs by a variety of talented artists.

Animation quality at it’s best but again that is kind of expected from a Pixar feature.

But the best part of Inside Out is it’s concept – so brilliantly innovative!

Inside-Out-Poster1This 94 min film gives the children their beloved world of funny characters and colorful fantasy but at the same time it offers enough scope for serious thoughts (and admiration) for the grown-ups.

Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger.

With all my emotions in check, i must admit that this particular film is probably the best thing Pixar (under the Disney banner of course) have come up with till date!

Don’t miss Inside Out and also the fantastic Pixar 7 min short film Lava before the main feature begins.