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The Imitation Game (2014)

My Ratings: 4.3/5.

The imitation game is a film based on the life of an unsung war-hero, a genius mathematician and a troubled soul who never got the recognition he deserved – Alan Turing.

imitation-game-poster2Now who is Allan Turing and why is his name almost anonymous for all these years?

Well, according to Winston Churchill Alan Turing made the single greatest contribution in Britain’s war effort.

But unfortunately Alan Turing’s immense contribution wasn’t disclosed and recognized until recently; it was kept a government secret for the last 50 years!

The film The imitation game particularly concentrates on the dramatic episodes of Alan Turing’s life when he tried to crack the infamous German code called the Enigma that eventually brought an end to the dreadful second World War.

Not only did Turing saved millions of lives by stopping the war, he also invented the most important machine of this generation – it’s called the Computer!

(If it interests anybody Codebreaker is another decent TV movie that deals with more of Alan Turing’s personal life).

imitation-game-poster3Anyways, back to The imitation game, the film directed by Morten Tyldum is a well executed drama based on the book ‘Alan Turing: The Enigma’ written by Andrew Hodges.

Shot to fame as the brainy detective Sherlock Homes in the popular TV series SherlockBenedict Cumberbatch this time plays Alan Turing – one of the most intelligent mathematicians the world have ever produced. And a great performance indeed.

Time magazine ranked Benedict Cumberbatch‘s portrayal of Turing as #1 in its “Best Performances” list of 2014.

Keira Knightley also did a marvelous job playing a fellow mathematician who understood Alan and did care for him. 

imitation-game-poster1After Atonement (2007) Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley came together again for The Imitation Game and for good.

Great original score by Alexandre Desplat and superb editing by William Goldenberg.

Nominated for the Oscars in Eight categories and winning for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay (Graham Moore), The imitation game is one of the best biographies made last year.

A combination of history and good cinema, a film that respects one of the greatest minds of all times – a perfect salute to the genius Alan Turing.