The Shallows (2016)

The Shallows review

written by Souranath Banerjee

By far the most sophisticated ‘sea-monster-bikini-babe’ film ever made!

My Ratings: 3.5/5

If you notice carefully all these posters below have two things in common – a sea monster of some sort (it can be piranhas, crocodiles, whales, octopus, barracudas) and then there is a helpless babe in bikini being terrorised!


















Now these films have probably created their own unique genre and i am sure their own niche audience as well, and undoubtedly The Shallows is the most sophisticated ‘sea-monster-bikini-babe’ film ever made!

Nancy (Blake Lively), the surfer with a perfect bikini body, the girl shallows-poster1who has arrived on a secluded beach in Brazil, all alone, yet enjoying the waves until of course a big white shark wants to take her out for dinner!

The better half of the film is focused on Nancy’s survival, mostly on rocks and buoys while the hungry shark circles around her and feeds on the remaining cast.

Now the big question of course is does the poor shark remain hungry forever?

To get that answer you will have to watch the film but one thing is for sure – don’t you ever underestimate the power of a lonely girl in bikini!

The Shallows directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by Anthony Jaswinski is a cool film though, mostly entertaining (if you are into shallows-posterthis genre), often thrilling as well, and the best part is Blake Lively‘s realistic performance. She has been my favourite actress since The Age of Adaline (2015).

Innovative camera work including some great under water shots by Flavio Martínez Labiano and of course the visual effects team needs a pat on their back – the massive ugly looking shark was looking real enough!

Overall a decent sea-moster-thriller but please stop comparing it with Steven Spielberg‘s all time classic Jaws (1975). Don’t.

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